Located on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, between the Baltic States of Estonia and Lithuania, Latvia is a full member of the EU since May 1, 2004. Riga, the capital is a modern cultural and business hub for the entire region, accessible by air from anywhere in Europe in just a few hours.

No border controls, no import / export duties. As if we were next door to every one of your retail outlets.

In 2008 we opened a manufacturing plant in Macedonia where we manufacture the same kind of products as we produce in Latvia, specializing in dresses and evening wear.

Additionally we have a joint venture with a factory in Belarus since 2004 where we produce outerwear garments, jackets, suits and dresses.

For both countries Solutions has the temporary export import licenses.  In our head office in Riga, where we make all samples and organize logistics, we employ around 30 employees.

This additional manufacturing capacity allows us to fill larger orders, more quickly.